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"I have had hearing aids since late 80's. His care has been the best. You feel very comfortable in their office. You are the most important person during your appointment. Ken is the go-to man. He will work with you until all is to your satisfaction. He also has the best price on batteries." W.K. -- Longview
"My wife doesn’t have to speak loudly. Don’t change a thing. We sing your praises to anyone in need of hearing help!" W.S. – Longview
"A+ It is an adjustment with all of the sounds I have not been used to, but I can hear very well! I am thankful that Dr. Martin is a follower in Jesus Christ!" T.R. – Longview
"I was very pleased with his service, knowledge, and honesty – very pleased with everyone! Since I received my new hearing aids, I can understand conversations so much better, and I am much less frustrated with my lack of hearing. I highly recommend Ken and his staff to anyone who has hearing loss. He is patient, knowledgeable and will recommend the right product for a client’s specific hearing problem." R.B. – White Oak
"I chose Ken Martin Audiology based on a friend’s recommendation because Dr. Martin is an audiologist. The office was friendly and professional. Hearing and understanding have improved considerably. I would highly recommend their service." T.I. – Longview
"Dr. Martin was highly recommended by my physician. I could not have been more pleased with each employee. Very kind and courteous to me. Thank you so much for being so eager to help me in every way." C.C. – Marshall
"Everything was great. Especially like the concern. Did not realized how much sound I was missing. Really appreciate you."
"Our experience with Ken Martin Audiology was super – the staff was friendly and helpful. We were treated with respect. The scheduling for appointments was directed to our convenience, and we were seen promptly. We appreciated Dr. Martin’s patience during the testing period, and later we were impressed with the confidence when adjustments were made. Regarding the KMA staff, continue your present procedures, for you provide comfort and confidence to the patient that they are receiving the best service possible. We have already mentioned how satisfied we are with the service, and we tell anyone contemplating a hearing aid to give serious thought to using Ken Martin Audiology." B.B. – Kilgore
"The experience was excellent. Hearing has improved a great deal. They took care of all my hearing needs in a timely manner. Great service." C.V. – Diana
"Ken was recommended by my physician. Office staff was pleasant; the scheduling was completed with quick appointments; testing was on-time; and purchase arrangements were clearly explained to my satisfaction."“Everything was very professional, and the staff is very accommodating. I have already recommended you to a friend." E.S. – Holly Lake Ranch
"I chose KMA because of pricing, financial arrangements, but most of all was happy with the calming experience. Ken’s sweet spirit was welcoming and took away the anxiety. The difference with hearing aids is awesome. I had no idea that my “lack” of hearing was so bad. Like the commercial…'I can hear you now!" L.C. – Longview
"Everything was great from the first scheduling to the time I walked out wearing the hearing aids. Consultation was very understandable, and the purchase arrangement was great. I really noticed the difference when I was at the dance. I hear the people at the next table talking and understood them." A.T. – Harleton
"I got my last set of hearing aids from Ken. Everything and everyone is great to talk to. Very pleasant and really trying to please you. Dr. Martin is great. I’ll recommend him to anyone, which I already have." S.B. – Kilgore
"I chose KMA because I had previously watched him work with my 85-year-old dad. Very professional and thoughtful. I’m tickled pink with my new hearing aids. I like the fact that he is degreed, owner, tech, and not a salesman." P.H. – Longview
"I was well satisfied with everyone’s attention and in all phases of my visits. I am hearing better with my new hearing aids. I did like the fast service when I needed help."
“I wanted an audiologist to take of me, and Dr. Martin is one of the best in East Texas. Very courteous, on time, explained my tests to me in a way that I could understand what is happening to my hearing sensation. It is just a whole new world of hearing of different sounds. Much more enjoyable to listen to people talk, play, sing, making life more fulfilling.” J.K. – Longview
“Friendly staff, thorough testing, and lengthy trial period. It’s only been four days, but I can tell the difference. Ken is very helpful and friendly.” - Longview
“My experience was very good. I had all of my questions answered, and my appointment was fast and easy. I am able to hear more clearly now that I can hear with my right ear. The staff is very friendly. Dr. Martin can take care of your needs from his office to your home, he knows what you need and is always willing to help.” D.O. – Pittsburg
“My speech therapist recommended you to me, and I am very pleased. You have an open arm welcome. You feel right at home. You have a nice little place, and it reminds you of a place you want to come to. Oh! I just talk to hear myself talk! When someone calls my name, I can’t wait to answer. It’s so nice to hear again.” M.H. – Longview
“I was referred by a friend. Everyone was very kind, friendly, and helpful. I can hear what people are saying now. It is really nice to hear again. Hearing conversations with family and friends has really improved for me. Thank you so much, Dr. Martin. My husband and I were very pleased with the help we received, with the staff, and Dr. Martin.” P.J. – Tyler
“A friend said you were good. Everything has improved. Thank you and don’t change a thing.” R.W. – Longview
“I was referred by my healthcare provider. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. Explained everything so I could understand it. Hearing things I haven’t heard in a long time. My expectations have been exceeded and then some. I was really impressed with the caring and time spent to make sure I knew what I needed to know to get the most from my hearing aids. Very impressed.” C.L. – Pittsburg
“I was referred by my pastor’s wife who is a patient and was very pleased with the treatment. Everything was fine with no complaints about anything.” N.P. – Gilmer
“An audiologist was preferred. We could not have been more satisfied. The staff was friendly and pleasant. Dr. Martin was extremely professional, taking time to explain every procedure, including the workings of the new hearing aids. We are very happy with the results. Thanks so much for helping us.” G.G. – Diana
“My experience with the office was great! Hearing has improved – still getting used to hearing things I could not hear before. Try Dr. Ken Martin for your hearing problems. You will be assured of professionalism!” J.T. – Kilgore
“Staff and scheduling, etc. has been timely and efficient. I do not have to speak loud, and I do not have to have everyone repeat themselves. I can hear better.” B.H. – Tatum
“I had previous experience. I bought my first hearing aids from Ken, and I felt I needed new ones. I chose to see him again. My experience was all good. The first time and this time, I was always in the loop. I knew what was going on, and I am very pleased with the help Ken gave me.” A.T. – Longview
“I saw an advertisement on TV and also heard ‘good’ comments about Dr. Martin. Very much improved in all areas. Would not hesitate recommending your office to anyone. Will use for all my future needs.” J.L. – Longview
“Our personal physician recommended Dr. Martin. Very impressed with how personable, friendly, and helpful everyone was. Was so helpful and professional. Better conversations here in the house, and church is much better. On the left side (‘deaf’) it is much better. We are very pleased with the time Dr. Martin has spent explaining everything several times.” W.B. – Mt. Pleasant
“Excellent! Hearing has really improved. I hear a lot of things I was missing and didn’t realize I was missing them. Everyone was so nice and helpful. It made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much!!” J.A. – Carthage
“My cousin as well as a friend wears a hearing aid from Dr. Martin. Very friendly and comfortable. I was greatly impressed by his willingness and attitude regarding my repair work.” V.M. – Mt. Pleasant
“Highly recommended by a friend. Very excellent and professional. I felt my appointment was unhurried and all about me. J Above and beyond my expectations. I have heard so many stories about buying hearing aids and never wearing them. I love mine. I have already given recommendations to three other persons encouraging them to seek your counsel and buy this product. Thanks for making me feel special!” P.H. – Linden
"Dr. Ken was so helpful and patient with Nanny. He looked at her as he spoke – I was proud of that. Everyone was very friendly. Nanny is still trying to adjust to them, but they help her a lot. I am thankful we found you. We will be recommending you to others." P.D. / T.D., Pittsburg
"Very satisfactory and very accommodating. We are comfortable with all. You are doing good and make us feel cared for. We can feel more sociable and fellowship better. There are times of not distinguishing a certain sound, but that’s expected and we were told of this during the exam and fitting. We are recommending others to you already!" M.B. / T.B., Mt. Pleasant
"I had been to another audiologist, and I wanted something different. My experience with your office staff, scheduling, and testing was exceptional! My hearing has greatly improved with TV and conversations with friends. Ken Martin has been very attentive when I had a problem. I have recently recommended your office to a close friend." J.S., Longview
"I saw how good Dr. Martin was in helping my mother, so I decided to use him. Everyone was real nice, and things are still just fine. I can hear better. If anyone goes to Dr. Martin, they will receive great service." P.C., Marshall
"I met Ken at GSMC and have used him ever since that time. He is thorough, kind, and explains things. The staff are courteous, friendly, efficient, and helpful. I can hear the TV much better, I don’t speak as loud, and I can hear my wife much easier. Dr. Martin and his staff are very helpful. They replace my supplies, and they are courteous." T.H., Longview
"Everyone and everything was wonderful. Very much improved now, so very thankful. You are a very caring doctor. I felt really at ease talking to you. Very sweet staff, and you explained everything step-by-step. Sometimes we get afraid of new things. We have a hard time accepting changes. This a really good change for me. Thanks so much!" P.G., Longview
"I was referred by a daughter who had used your office. Judi is a dear – I would learn to love her! There are some things I’ll have to get used to, but hearing much better. As of today, no problems. I would suggest anyone with a hearing loss visit you before choosing a company. Ken, you make a person feel comfortable, and I find you to be a people person that has a person’s welfare as priority." E.B., White Oak
"I see your office as I drive by to go home. Experience with the office has been great, no problems. I do hear more of what goes on and I can understand the physicians when they talk." K.R., Longview
"My sister made me visit your office. What a blessing she is! Experience with the office has been fabulous!! It has made a wonderful difference – I’m all ears now. It was a wonderful experience, you all were great! Thank you so much. Ken, thanks for making my birthday extra special." D.B., Austin
"My experience with the office has been perfect! We would refer anyone to you if they were told here that nothing could help. We were, and you did improve my husband’s social life with his hearing aids." G.G., Hooks
"My sister and step-father have been overly satisfied with their hearing aids and the customer service they have been provided, so I chose KMA also. The office is extremely efficient – willing to work with my schedule seeing me before office hours. I am now using new behind-the-ear type hearing aids and absolutely love them. I don’t hear my own voice being muffled, and I forget I have them in. I feel as though my hearing has been restored! A wonderful investment." D.C., Longview
"I was referred by a church friend and you also came highly recommended by another agency. Office staff is very friendly. I had no problems scheduling any appointments. The time I had with Dr. Ken for consultations/fitting was very easy, calming, educational, and professional. I can now hear whispers of endearment from my husband and no longer blast out his or my dog’s eardrums when listening to music or watching TV. I can’t wait to see the difference they will make at work! Keep the office music on the current channel – I love listening to such good Christian music when at places of business! If anyone is contemplating whether or not to see Dr. Ken Martin, they need to know how friendly, committed, genuine, professional, honest, and trustworthy he and his team are…I don’t recommend anyone else as highly as I do Dr. Ken Martin! May God continue to bless you and your business!" N.W., Ore City
"I chose KMA as my wife had a previous visit with Ken Martin and was very happy with everything. Everything connected with the operation of the office was very satisfactory. With new hearing aids, hearing has improved very much. I would tell anyone with a hearing need to see Ken Martin." D.B., Mt. Pleasant
"My son said he was scared at first, but Dr. Martin did a good job making him feel more relaxed and helped him hear better. E. says, 'Thank you, Dr. Martin!' Things are a lot better, he says he hears us so much better now and understands us. It has improved his language skills and is no longer talking/interrupting so loud. E. says, 'Thank you, Dr. Martin, for making me feel and hear better.' I as his mom would recommend Dr. Martin to anyone who has had any concerns or issues. Explains everything perfectly." Longview
"I was referred by the vocational rehab office. I've found the office to be professional. All the staff has been courteous and efficient. Dr. Martin has been extremely thorough and explained everything very well. I've learned more about my hearing from him than any other doctor or professional I've seen. Of course I can hear more and understand conversation around me. But I feel more confident, aware, and included. I wear my hearing aids all day, every day. I don't want to be without them. I'm glad I'm allowed follow-up appointments as there is so much to learn. As far as others considering your office, don't' wait! It will improve your life!" B.K., Carthage
"My physician referred me, and my experience has been good. Things have improved very much. The office staff were very nice." R.C., Marshall
"I was referred by a friend based on her good service. Experience was excellent. Services have been great, and adjustments have been made quickly and promptly. Things have improved greatly. The hearing aids have exceeded my expectations. My experience with your staff and you have been very pleasant. I look forward to working with you in the future for my hearing needs." D.B., Hallsville
"My daughter kept telling me, 'Try the people. They are nice!' Excellent office experience. Appointments are not overscheduled, trial period is more than generous, and no selling pressure. Best hearing test I have had and fully explained. Judi has a great telephone voice. From my experience, the new aids exceed my expectations." E.M., Longview
"I have always received the top most professional care in the years I have been coming. With my new aids, it is almost like normal hearing. Nothing could improve." L.W., Longview
"I chose KMA due to a previous contact in an ENT office where I found Dr. Martin well qualified and pleasant to deal with. The experience was outstanding in all aspects. This includes both the hearing test and the initial fitting. Just keep doing what you are doing - You can rest assured that I will recommend your office and services to any contacts that need the same." W.H.F., Pittsburg
"I was pleased with everything about my visit and evaluation of my hearing loss. I had hearing aids from another source and had not been happy with them and felt like they were more interested in money than providing quality care. Now I can hear quite well with my hearing aids. I sang in the church choir and can hearing the correct notes so much better. If you want a quality evaluation by a true professional person and great quality hearing aids, you need to visit Ken Martin Audiology." W.G., Longview
"My overall experience was excellent. Efficient and friendly staff. I would recommend your office to anyone." M.W., DeBerry
"I was referred by my physician. Everyone has been very professional, courteous, helpful, and caring. I would recommend you to anybody needing assistance with their hearing impairment." H.D., Pittsburg
"My neighbor and church friend referred me. My experience was cordial, pleasant, prompt, and I am enjoying these aids. Very helpful in church. Great sound when listening to music on TV through ComPilot and volume off on TV. I have mentioned the office to several people." P.K., Daingerfield
"Great! It's really nice to hear conversations again!" E.M., Longview
"I'm hearing sounds that have been silent! When asked, I recommend Dr. Martin. I just regret I didn't get hearing aids sooner!" N.H., Linden
"Now I can hear things that I have never heard before. I did not know that my computer keyboard and mouse made sounds. For many years when watching TV, I was constantly asking my precious wife, 'What did they say?' Now I am asking her to turn down the volume. I'm so very pleased and happy. Thank you, Jesus, for this miracle!" J.W., White Oak
"All went well. My hearing has improved, and I have made great progress." J.C., Longview
"All elements of my experience associated with my acquiring hearing aids from your office were very pleasant. I was very impressed by and appreciated the helpfulness of you and your staff and your 'no high pressure' approach. I can better understand conversations, and I do not have to have volume of radio and TV so loud."
"Excellent! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Martin to anyone needing their hearing checked." G.M., Henderson
"After discussing my hearing loss with my primary physician, I was referred to Dr. Martin's office for further testing. Everyone is so nice and made me feel comfortable. Hearing has improved so much. I really never knew I was missing so much. Although a hearing loss is not a problem you want to have, I am so glad I was referred to this office. I really appreciate how professional but still very personal they were with my hearing problems. I would recommend Dr. Martin to anyone that needs these types of services." C.D., Longview
"My primary doctor gave me Ken's business card and told me that if I did not need hearing aids he would not try to 'sell' me on buying. I had never had a hearing test before and was a little apprehensive at first. Everything went smoothly, and I have no complaints about anything. I have become accustomed to my hearing aids, and everything is much better. I do not have to ask people to repeat everything. I would not hesitate to recommend KMA to anyone. Ken is very patient and takes time to explain any questions you might ask." Longview
"My daughter called several places, and then she decided you sounded like the best choice. Everyone was real nice, attentive, and sounded like they knew a lot about their work. I would definitely recommend your office." P.S., Longview
"The whole experience was very pleasant, professional, and relaxing. It is wonderful to be able to hear. I have told several people about your office. I like the fact that Dr. Martin is a Christian and is involved with his church." N.P., Longview
"I was referred by friends and family members. Very positive experience in all aspects. I am pleased with my hearing aids. For others visiting your office, it is time well spent." W.A., Longview
"Dear Dr. Martin, my husband and I are enjoying the hearing aids. We can have a conversation without me saying, 'What?'. God Bless!" P.L., Daingerfield
"The hearing aids I got about two years ago changed my life. Thank you for the help. I am now the owner of Art World. I would never have considered owning my own business again if it were not for my aids. I guess you can say you helped change my life. Thank you thank you!" E.R., Longview
"Al had his ear cancer surgery last week with a pathologist in tow, and all seems to be going well now. As a result, Al can wear his hearing aids fairly comfortably. In the meanwhile, thank you so very much for all your help. It's such a blessing that he can hear...and I don't have to yell. I've recommended you to folks and will continue to do so." A.M., Mt. Pleasant
"My life has changed so much since I got my hearing aids. Thanks to you and your generosity, I am able to go places and do things I could not do before. I hear my sweet granddaughter talk softly when she is playing by herself. Thank you, I am so grateful to you." M.L., Kilgore
"I was pleasantly surprised to find out that hearing aids did help my hearing loss after years of being told otherwise. Dr. Martin took the time to find what works best for me." I.E., Winnsboro

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